The First Easy-To-Use Digital Currency

Aricoin founded in late 2013 is the first cryptocurrency created to be easily understood by the general public. Why does cryptocurrency have to be complicated? Get the wallet:

Whitepaper releasing 2020. Scroll down to see our best features

AricoinPay Innovation

AricoinPay is the driving force behind the Aricoin Project! It works exactly like PayPal but for cryptocurrency to make using it more accessible. We are currently redesigning for 2020 launch!

Quick E-mail Payments

Users no longer have to remember long complicated addresses to send a quick payment to a friend or business, just have the recipients e-mail address at hand!

Fast Merchant Adoption

Starting buying & selling with Aricoin in seconds with our easy-to-use interface & tools. Payments won't ever get easier than Aricoin.

Tipping & Social Sharing

Aricoin encourages quality content around the internet by introducing the first 'tip' button that can be placed on any website. Users can reward each other with a tip for quality content or help.

Zero Transaction Fees

Forget about bank charges and other annoying fees. Merchants save an average of 4-10% per transaction with Aricoin by avoiding middlemen, all while making a great investment at the same time.

Instant Product Downloads

All payments are instant and non-reversible. The second funds are sent they are released to the receiver. We give you the option to offer a product download as soon as the customer makes a payment.

Secure Payment Gateway

Introducing the first easy-to-use payment gateway that allows your customers to quickly spend their Aricoin on any product or service.

API & Notifications

Get notified by email or postback request when funds are sent & received. This allows you to keep on top of things and build a better user experience.

Recurring Billing

Charge for your membership product or subscription software on a monthly basis. We are even adding support for free trials (feature in development)

Pre-approved Payments

This feature will avoid our payment gateway and allow you to charge users who have approved you as a merchant via our API (feature in development)

Empowering Innovation

Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency to the everyday internet user. To do this we have made everything as simple as possible and are creating a platform that lets other developers easily discover ways to integrate Aricoin cryptocurrency payments.

This is just the beginning

Aricoin have a wide range of features planned for the coming months. Join the waiting list now to get access to our private beta.