Aricoin | 2020
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Test A Social Currency That Gives Value To 'Likes'

Get 25.00 Aricoin to test tipping users on any website.

Pay or Tip Anywhere

Likes don't have value. Aricoin does. Tip users on any website. From YouTube, to Twitter, to your favourite blogs and projects.

Start saying thank you with real value, not just shallow likes that only benefit huge companies that sell your data.

With Aricoin, you can tip users on any social media platform. That's billions of users ready to be tipped.

You don't even need an account, the person you're tipping will just need to verify their profile to accept incoming tips.

Tip On Any Website

Aricoin works out of the box on millions of websites.

YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook

Quora Medium VK Wordpress

GitHub Stack Overflow

Reddit Pinterest Forums Blogs

Twitch Any Other Website

Get Recognition

Aricoin shows you the users who tip you the most. Fans can be reward with custom content or shoutouts based on tips and loyalty.

Early tips to high profile names and celebrities will become a lot more valuable over time as the value of Aricoin increases, when claimed the increased publicity will only create a ripple effect.

Aricoin Giftcards

Custom giftcards can be created with an image of your choice to help introduce new people to Aricoin without them having to go through a complicated digital exchange.

The only giftcards in the world that can move!

Where To Get Aricoin?

You can invest in Aricoin through CREX24.

1. Purchase some Bitcoin
Use the CREX24 BTC/USD Market or your preferred method

2. Send to your CREX24 bitcoin address
Buy Aricoin with Bitcoin on the ARI/BTC Market

3. Send to your AricoinPay deposit address
Aricoin will be credited within a few minutes, ready for tipping.

...Ideally, you'll be tipped by someone first!

Tip Anywhere.

Get more of the content you love and support projects, causes and the people you care about!

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